Ohhh, man.

The winter solstice festival was FANTASTIC! I had so much fun. We got there at around 1 because I wanted to see the tribal dance group, and they were amazing. It was a bellydance-techno-fusion type of deal and it was gorgeous.
Alicia and I shopped for a few hours and I got a dress for myself and an awesome set of hand-painted coasters for her Christmas present. There was live music all day and I got a didge demonstration from a guy who makes all kinds of didgeridoos. He told me if I come to the next Paralounge he'll play for me again. haha
At 7 came the event I was really waiting for...the drum circle! It was by far the biggest and loudest drum circle I have ever attended. I walked away with ringing ears and bruised hands, but a craving for more. The event took place at the Florida School for Holistic Living and they host drum circles twice a month - every full moon and every new moon, so I'll definitely be attending frequently now. =)
Anyhow, pictures behind the cut for those who are interested!

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i cooked today!
yesterday, too, but i made the same thing both times. XD

my oldest brother came home for the weekend because he's doing training in west palm and we haven't seen him since christmas. since he was home, my other brother came over and brought his girlfriend, who is a vegan. my mom was going to make something for her but couldn't find anything quick and easy and was overwhelmed with making the regular meal for eight people, so i volunteered to make a vegan dish for mary and myself as an alternative to the father's day beef stew everyone else was eating. i googled "easy vegan" and came up with a recipe for artichoke pesto pasta.
it turned out great! i was so proud of myself.
mary took the rest of it home with her, though, so i made another batch this afternoon.

in case you don't know this about me, i am NOT a very domestic person and i don't cook. i'm just not good at it. hence my excitement at this minor success.
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Am I the only one that finds it to be disgustingly inappropriate to discuss the details such as location of and transportation to a person's funeral while that person is still alive?
I suppose out of context it sounds rather harmless, but when viewed in light of the entire situation it seems completely infelicitous to me. I am one of the least blatantly optimistic people I know, but giving up on someone just because their diagnosis is grim is absolutely unacceptable to me.

I'm predicting a rough weekend.
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Help me, Alvin Plantinga!

  Ten page paper on evidentialism due May 1. I know where I want to go with it (the irrationality of evidentialism and how it really can't be logically used in any type of theological discussion), but i still have so much research to do and I haven't even BEGUN the actual writing yet.
Finals are so not my thing.

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1. SPELT. Contrary to popular belief, "spelt" is a species of wheat, not the past tense of the verb "to spell." 

2. DEFINITELY. That IS the correct spelling of the word. It is NOT "definately," "definetly," "definantly" or however else you might think to creatively spell it.

3. ELEPHANTITIS. Elephantitis is not a medical condition. In fact, elephantitis is not anything. Elephantiasis is a condition caused by tropical parasitic worms which damage the lymphatic system, causing swelling and deformation. I think that might be what you are referring to.
I don't even know why this condition is so widely known or why people seem to talk about it so frequently, but they do! I hear about "elephantitis" all the time, and I usually can't help but correct people. Character flaw on my part, I suppose.

I just spent three hours driving up to central Florida from West Palm Beach and I have so much pent-up highway aggression I need to release. I seriously do not know what goes through the minds of most Florida drivers, but my guess is it's not much. I narrowly escaped what could have been a multiple-car accident when leaving I-95 because the driver of an 18-wheeler stopped about 10 yards down the off-ramp to let another 18-wheeler back onto the road after having been stopped in the grass. At least six other drivers, including myself, were forced to slam on the brakes and swerve all over the road to avoid the two trucks and each other. I understand that he probably just wasn't thinking, but as the operator of a massive vehicle traveling in traffic at speeds of 70-80 miles per hour, he should be thinking.

I believe I'm finished ranting for the time being, but you really never know.


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i just found out the  school clinic is doing flu vaccines for $20......

when i checked the site to see when they opened in the morning......

because i think i have the flu.

i love my life.


so i just killed my laptop.
i was on the top bunk in my room with my compter and i got down to get my phone, but i didn't realize the power cord for my laptop was wrapped around my leg.
so i tripped over it, fell onto the wood floor from about five and a half feet (on top of my bad ankle, no less), and my computer came crashing down after me.
the laptop is dead, it won't boot up all the way and the screen is almost completely dark.
my dad said he'll try to salvage it if he can, or try to find me a new one somewhere.
my ankle is also not very happy with me, it's all swollen and purply and it hurts to walk on it.
i made an appt with health and wellness tomorrow to get it looked at, although i doubt there's anything they can do.
needless to say, my life kinda sucks at the moment.

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